Electric butterfly valve wire drawing

According to the movement mode of the controlled object, the electric actuator can divide into the following structural types: straight stroke, partial return transformation and multi-turn.

According to the connection and installation mode (generally is for the Angle stroke electric actuator (electric actuator). And is divide into base type and direct connection type.

The following talk about the various valves and throttle on the choice of what type of structure of the electric actuator. Or various types of structure of the electric actuator (electric actuator) suitable for what controlled object.

1. Electric actuator for angular stroke (electric actuator).

Angular travel electric actuator (electric actuator) output shaft movement mode is rotation according to the Angle. And the general rotation range is 0~90 degrees. This kind of actuator is generally suitable for throttle, butterfly valve, ball valve, v-shaped valve.
The electric actuator of angular stroke (electric actuator) is divide into direct connection type and base type according to the connection mode. When the direct connection type is connect, the output shaft of the electric actuator is directly connect with the valve stem.
The base type connection mode is connect between the actuator output shaft and the valve stem by the way of ball hinge + connecting rod.

2. Direct stroke electric actuator (electric actuator).

Straight stroke electric actuator (electric actuator) output shaft movement mode is linear movement. So this type of actuator is suitable for valve core for linear movement of the valve. (Globe valve and gate valve exception will be discussed later). This type of valve has a single seat valve, double seat valve, sleeve valve, Angle valve, three-way valve, diaphragm valve, etc.

3. Multi-turn electric actuator (electric actuator).

Many rotary electric actuator, electric actuator output shaft for rotary movement way. And all travel more than 360 degrees is suitable for the controlled object such as gate valve, globe valve. Rotary electric actuator is more special. It can match again level reducer into a quarter-turn electric actuator, electric actuator or straight travel electric actuator. And still even more turn type, after add reduction gear output force (moment), slow movement speed.