butterfly valve

How to choose pneumatic actuators?

Usually adopts the new series of AT pneumatic actuators that have double acting and single acting (spring return). They are safe and reliable. The large-size valve adopts Scotch-yoke pneumatic actuator driving. The structure is reasonable and the output torque is large. Its also has the double action type and the single action type.

1, Pneumatic butterfly valve gear type double piston, large output torque, small volume.
2. The cylinder is made of aluminum and gold, which is light in weight and beautiful in appearance.
3. Manual operation mechanism can install at the top and bottom.
4. Rack connection can adjust the opening Angle and rated flow.
5, Butterfly valve actuator can choose live signal feedback instructions and various accessories to achieve automatic operation.
6. IS05211 standard connection provides convenience for the installation and replacement of the product.
7. The adjustable pitch screw at both ends can make the standard product have an adjustable range of ±4° in 0° and 90°. Ensure synchronization accuracy with valve.

Installation requirements for Pneumatic actuators:

1, Before installation, check the pneumatic butterfly valve parts are not missing, the model is correct, check the valve body without debris, solenoid valve and muffler in the barrier.

2, The valve and cylinder are place in the closed state.

3, The cylinder install on the valve, then see whether the screw hole is right. There will not be too big deviation. If there is a little deviation, the cylinder block can turn a little bit, and then tighten the screw.

4. After installation, the pneumatic butterfly valve shall debug (under normal circumstances, the air supply pressure is 0.4~ 0.6mpa). During debugging, the opening and closing conditions of the pneumatic butterfly valve shall observe.