3 way butterfly valve-3 way damper valve

Body: WCB, CF8, CF8M
Disc: WCB, CF8, CF8M
Seat: WCB, CF8, CF8M
Body style: flange
Nominal diameter:2″ – 80″ (DN50mm – DN2000mm)
Flange accommodation:DIN PN10 PN16,JIS 5K 10K,ANSI CLASSS 150LB
Pneumatic actuator: Double acting,Single acting,Electric actuator: ON-OFF type, adjustable type


    3 way damper valve

    The 3-Way Damper Butterfly Valve showcases our esteemed position at the forefront of valve manufacturing innovation, embodying a synthesis of technical prowess and engineering excellence. This 3 way valve is meticulously designed to facilitate precise flow control in a 3 directional configuration3 way valve

    Constructed from Stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex steel materials selected for their durability and compatibility with a wide range of media, the 3-way valve operates seamlessly within the rigorous demands of heavy industries, including HVAC, water treatment,Flue gas desulfurization, and process engineering. The integration of advanced sealing technologies further enhances the valve’s performance

    Three way butterfly valve Materials and parameters

    Low leakage level – Say goodbye to troublesome leaks with our three-way butterfly valve. Made from durable WCB, CF8, or CF8M materials, it ensures a tight seal and minimal leakage to keep your system running smoothly.

    Wide applicable temperature range – Whether you’re dealing with extreme heat or cold, our 3 way valve can handle it all. With materials like SS420 and SS431 for the stem and different body styles, it will maintain its performance in any temperature.

    Easy to install and use – The flange accommodation options make this valve versatile and convenient for installation. Choose from DIN PN10 PN16, JIS 5K 10K, or ANSI CLASS 150LB flanges to fit your needs.
    Reliable actuator options – Our three way butterfly valve is available with pneumatic actuators (double acting or single acting) or electric actuators (ON-OFF type or adjustable type) for precise control and reliable operation. Choose the one that works best for your system.

    Three way butterfly valve Material

    Valve size: DN50-DN3000 2″~
    Valve body material:
     WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M,SS310S
    Valve disc material: CF8, CF8M,SS310S
    Valve seat material: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M
    Output stem: Inner bearing
    Disc type: Open type,15°self sealing type, Plain seat type
    Packing: Teflon, graphite, porcelain fibre,etc
    Connection method: flange wafer,weld ends
    Flange standard: DIN PN2.5
    Pressure range: PN2.5
    Control mode: electric actuator, pneumatic actuator
    Pneumatic actuator: double acting, single acting
    Pneumatic actuator accessories: solenoid valve, limit switch, handwheel, electric positioner

    Disc type

    disc type


    What are the applications of 3 way damper butterfly valves?

    Improve your industrial processes with our 3 way damper butterfly valves. Designed for flue gas, exhaust gas, desulfurization gas, dust gas, and blast furnace flue gas applications.

    Better control – Our valves have a low leakage level, ensuring precise regulation of air and gases in your systems. This translates to more efficient operations and cost savings for your company.

    Versatile performance – With a wide applicable temperature range, these valves can handle extreme temperatures without compromising their functionality. Perfect for any industrial setting where temperature variation is common.
    Durable construction – Made from high-quality materials, our valves are built to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. Dependable and long-lasting for all your control needs.

    What materials are the three way butterfly valves made of?

    High temperature resistance – Made with top quality stainless steel and super stainless steel, our three way butterfly valves can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising performance. No need to worry about frequent replacements due to heat damage.
    Low leakage – Say goodbye to the frustration of constant valve maintenance and leakage. Our carbon steel valves are designed for a tight seal, ensuring minimal leakage and maximum efficiency. Trust in our high-quality materials for reliable results.

    Durable materials – Crafted from grade 304, 316, 310S, and super stainless steel 2507, our butterfly valves are built to last. These durable materials are corrosion-resistant and can withstand harsh environments, making them the perfect choice for industrial applications.
    Versatility at its best – With multiple material options available, our three way butterfly valves are suitable for a variety of situations. From low-pressure systems to high-temperature applications, these valves can handle it all with ease. Trust in their versatility and quality for all your valve needs.

    3 way damper butterfly valve flange size chart PN6