butterfly valve

Pneumatic actuators as an important equipment, in many industries have a good use. It can use for all kinds of adjustment occasions. Different models will have different power output, providing a lot of choices for all kinds of pressure occasions. The cylinder body of pneumatic actuator is extrud aluminum alloy and treated by hard anodic oxidation. The inner surface is hard, strong and hard. The sliding bearing made of low friction material avoids direct contact between metals, has low friction coefficient, flexible rotation and long service life.
Are pneumatic actuators so popular just because of these advantages? Actually, it has these 3 kinds of self-protection functions…

1. Self-lock protection upon expiration.

It is mainly realize by means of exhaust valve and locking valve. Adjust the operating pressure of the exhaust valve to a certain value. When the air pressure is higher than the value, the normal output air pressure is achieve.
Open the lock valve and connect the air path from the slide valve to both ends of the cylinder, so that it is in normal working condition. If the air pressure is lower than the set value, the exhaust valve is block and then switch to an air path, through which the air pressure is drain. At this time, the latching valve will block the air path, and the pneumatic actuator will maintain its original position to achieve self-locking air break protection.

2. Power off protection.

This is done through the solenoid valve.  If the power supply voltage is normal and works normally, if the power supply disappears, the solenoid valve switches the air path, the exhaust valve will empty the air and then switch the air path. The exhaust valve will make the valve in the latching state, maintain the load in its original position, and realize power off protection.

3. Off signal protection.

This is done by electronic switches. When the signal current is greater than the lower limit current, it works normally. When the signal current is suddenly interrupt, the electronic switch is block and the solenoid valve loses power to realize the signal protection.