Notes for installation of electric actuator and valve.

1. Manually turn the valve to check that there is no abnormal situation and make the valve in the full closed position.

2. Attach bracket to valve.

3. Place one end of coupling on valve mandrel.

4. Drive the electric actuator of the valve with the handle to the full closed position, and insert the output shaft into the square hole of the coupling.

5. Tighten the connecting bolts between the bracket and the electric performance arrangement and the valve body.

6. Use the handle to drive the entire performance arrangement, and admit that the work is stable, without eccentricity and skew. Check whether the valve can be fully closed and fully opened in the opening indicator scale of the performance arrangement.

Caution: do not overexert yourself, or it will cause damage to the scheduled work.

Special Note:
For users of self-provided supports and couplings, please note:

1. The support and coupling shall be planned and processed by professional technicians and conform to the requirements of drawings.

2. The machining of shaft holes at both ends of the coupling shall ensure the necessary accuracy to eliminate the transmission gap as much as possible and avoid backslip in valve operation.

3. The bearing degree of the shaft holes at both ends of the coupling shall strictly ensure, otherwise the operation scale may exceed the performance arrangement and plan, resulting in the failure of normal operation of the valve due to the failure of adjustment of actuator travel.