Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valve national standard refers to the standard approved and issued by the national standardization authority and unified nationwide. The national standard is a unified technical requirement in the whole country. The Department of standardization administration under the State Council shall prepare the plan, coordinate the division of work, organize the formulation (including revision), and uniformly approve, number and issue the plan. If the law provides otherwise for the formulation of national standards, the provisions of the law shall prevail.

The national standards for butterfly valves are as follows:

Standard number                                  The name of the standard

DUT746-2001                              Guidelines for the selection of power plant butterfly valves

GB/T12238-1989                        Universal valve flange and wafer butterfly valve

GB/T3036-1994                          Marine concentric butterfly valve

GB/T3037-1994                          Marine eccentric butterfly valve

JB/T8527-1997                           Metal seated butterfly valve

JB/T8692-1998                          The flue butterfly valve

JB/T53171-1999                         Butterfly valve product quality classification

JB/T8863-2004                           Static pressure life test code for butterfly valves

ANSI/AWWA C 504-1994         Rubber  seals butterfly valve

BS EN 593-1998                          Industrial valve– metal butterfly valve

EN 593-1998                                Industrial valve– metal butterfly valve

DIN 3356-1-1982                        Butterfly valves–General data