damper butterfly valve

1. Introduction of butterfly damper 

POV BRAND damper butterfly valve can be a stack damper where leakage is not very important. This type valve is an isolating damper for flue-gas scrubbers. The damper butterfly valve is lightweight, simple, quickly actuated, and low in price cost.

2. Specificatios of damper butterfly valve:

Nominal diameter       :  DN50-DN1000
Body material               :  WCB, 304, 316, others as per requirements
Connection                   : Flange type, wafer
Pressure class               : PN0.6MPa
Structure                       : Midline type

Seat sealing                    : Body seal
Disc material                  : WCB, 304, 316
Stem material                 : SS410
Applicable medium        : Flue gas, dust powder gas, gas

Oper. Temp                      : Up to -50 TO 600° C

POV BRAND butterfly damper are designed to provide the controlling the flow of high temperature flue gas in industrial oil and gas fired combustion systems. They are used primarily in flue gas recirculation ducts of oil and gas fired ultra low NOx burners, but can also be used to control boiler draft or high temperature combustion air.