butterfly valve

Manual mechanism for the pneumatic butterfly valves

  1. Overview

The manual mechanism (gearbox) can be used in conjunction with the pneumatic actuator, and the manual operation of the pneumatic valve can be realized by simple switching. The manual mechanism is installed between the pneumatic device and the valve, and the operation is extremely convenient.

  1. Main features
  • Small size, light weight, reasonable design and novel style.
  • Protection level can be optional by IP65, IP67, and IP68.
  1. installation and use
  • The inner hole of the worm gear connection has two keyways separated by 90°, so that the user can choose the matching relative position according to different valves.
  • Lift the limit pin, rotate the eccentric device by 90°, the limit pin to be automatically limit the position to realize pneumatic operation. The manual operation can be realized by the opposite operation.



  • The bottom surface of the manual mechanism is connected with the valve, the support surface is connected with the pneumatic device, the valve shaft is matched with the inner hole of the worm gear, and the valve shaft ends are matched with the square hole of the pneumatic device.
  • When the worm is closed by turning the handle (turned 180 degrees outward), the top gear will appear, and it can be closed by turning the hand wheel at an angle.
  • Pneumatic operation and manual operation cannot be driven at the same time.
  • Before delivery, it is equipped with special grease, and after being assembled with the valve, it is integrally sealed, waterproof and dustproof.