butterfly valve

Key points of product selection.

1. The main control parameters of butterfly valve are specification and size.

2, Butterfly valve is a single board type air valve, its structure is simple, easy to process, low cost, easy to operate, but the adjustment accuracy is poor, only suitable for ventilation and air conditioning system for switching or rough adjustment occasions.

3. It can operate manually, electrically or zip, and can fix at any Angle within the range of 90°.

4, Because of the single shaft single valve plate, the bearing force is limit, in the large pressure difference, large flow rate when the valve service life is short.The valve is closed and ordinary type of division, thermal insulation and non – thermal insulation division.

5, The electric butterfly valve only two-position control, electric actuator and multi-leaf valve the same.

The points of install.

1. The installation location, height and direction of the inlet and outlet must meet the design requirements, and the connection should be firm and tight.

2. For all kinds of manual valves install on the insulation pipe, the handle shall not be downward.

3, The valve must install before the appearance of inspection, the valve nameplate should comply with the current national standard GB 12220 provisions.

Installation and maintenance.

1. During installation, the disc should stop in the closed position.

2. The opening position shall determine according to the rotation Angle of the disc.

3. For butterfly valve with bypass valve, please open the bypass valve before opening.

4, Should install according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, the weight of the butterfly valve, should set a solid foundation.