National standard of butterfly valves

Installation requirements:

1. Confirm the flange welding is correct. Do not weld the flange after the butterfly valve is install to avoid scald the rubber parts.

2. The installed pipe flange shall  align with the butterfly valve.

3. Install all flange bolts and tighten them by hand to confirm that the butterfly valve and the flange have aligned. And then carefully open and close the butterfly valve to ensure flexible opening and closing.

4, Fully open the valve, with a wrench in diagonal order to tighten the bolt, no washer, do not screw the bolt too tight. In case of serious deformation of the valve ring, opening and closing torque is too large.

Maintenance precautions:

1, The pneumatic butterfly valve in the process of use, should often keep clean.

2, The stuffing gland should tighten evenly, should not  press into a slanting state, so as to avoid damage to hinder the stem movement or cause leakage.

3. During installation, the valve can directly install on the pipeline according to the connection mode. In general, can  install in any position in the pipeline, but need to facilitate the maintenance of operations.

4, The use of pneumatic butterfly valve, only fully open or fully closed, is not allowed to do the regulation of flow. So as to avoid the sealing surface erosion, accelerated wear.

5, Before installation, must carefully check the pressure of the valve mark, the size is in line with the use requirements, to eliminate the defects caused by the transportation process.

7, Valves, long-term storage, should be regularly check, for the leakage of the processing surface should clean, remove dirt, storage and ends when the ball valve should block in an open position.