High Performance Butterfly Valve

High Performance Butterfly Valves are designed to provide superior control in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Double flanged high performance butterfly valve feature a unique design which allows for increased flow rate with reduced torque, reducing the need for regular maintenance and repair. Available with PTFE, FKM, RPTFE seat, High Performance Butterfly Valves offer superior chemical resistance and corrosion protection over standard metal seated butterfly valve. Furthermore, these valves require less energy consumption while offering efficient regulation of flow rate and pressure. They can be used in a wide range of industrial process control applications such as shutoff, throttling or regulating service in oil refineries, water treatment units and chemical plants. Invest in a high performance butterfly valve today to experience superior results!

What is a high performance butterfly valve?

A high performance butterfly valve is a type of quarter-turn rotary isolation valve used to control the flow of fluid through a pipeline. This type of valve has an integrated disc that sits inside a body and uses centrifugal force to close off the flow when required. It is known for its ability to manage high pressure, provide tight shutoff, operate at elevated temperatures and cycle quickly.

High performance butterfly valves offer several advantages over other types of valves such as ball, plug or gate valves. They can save costs with their low installation costs; since no stem sealant needs to be added (due to their integrated disc design), these valves are much less expensive than traditional options. High performance butterfly valves are also more reliable because they are less likely fail due to wear and tear from frequent use, making them ideal for applications where regular operation is expected—such as automation in manufacturing plants or water systems in large cities that need continuous maintenance.

high performance butterfly valve

What is the difference between a high performance butterfly valve and a standard butterfly valve?

High performance butterfly valves are a specialized type of valve engineered to meet the rigorous demands of difficult industrial applications. These types of valves feature greater durability, improved sealing capabilities and better flow control than standard butterfly valves, making them the preferred choice for a variety of industries that require efficient operations and high-pressure system performance.

High performance butterfly valves consist of two types: resilient seated and metal seated butterfly valve designs. Resilient seated designs feature elastomeric seat liners as well as specialty materials like Viton®, PTFE or EPDM rubber combined with an internal stainless steel mechanism, allowing these high pressure butterfly valves to open and close smoothly even at higher pressures stretching up to 240PSI in some cases. Metal seated designs on the other hand use precision machined disc-seat interfaces made from hard metals like 316SS or 17-4 Stainless Steel, providing exceptional resistance against wear over time due to their harder composition – perfect for abrasive environments where solids are present in high concentrations.

In comparison,—standard—or conventional—butterfly valves represent a simpler mechanical design with less durable components under severe conditions requiring sustained temperature and pressure changes such as dead end services in slurry systems. This is why when dealing with extreme environmental conditions requiring an extremely higher operational effectiveness —high performance—butterfly vales should be your go-to choice instead standard versions which could eventually fail due premature corrosion or parts deterioration caused by uninterrupted vibration throughout long periods of operation time.

high performance butterfly valve

Why would you want to use a high performance butterfly valve?

High performance butterfly valves are exceptionally reliable isolation valves that are widely used in many industrial, chemical and petrochemical processes. These extremely versatile valves offer excellent flow control capabilities, with lower torque than a comparable ball valve and superior sealing ability.

The design of high performance butterfly valves makes them ideal for use in systems that require a higher degree of accuracy, repeatability or regulation within the flow – such as pressure-control applications or solenoid actuated pneumatic automation systems. They provide excellent shutoff capabilities due to the tight seal between the disc and seat at low differential pressures. They can be manufactured from a wide range of quality materials to meet different application requirements and have a long operating life with minimal maintenance costs when properly installed and maintained.

Overall, there is much to recommend about high performance butterfly valves: they present significant time savings during installation without sacrificing reliability; provide improved safety conditions by offering safer operation at higher temperatures; possess greater corrosion resistance than conventional piping components; boast better energy efficiency over longer periods thanks to their excellent shutoff accuracy; plus, are available in various sizes from small 2” up to large 24” units depending on your needs!