Electric actuator butterfly valve

Electric butterfly valves are a reliable and efficient valve option typically used in industrial applications. They employ an electric actuator which is responsible for opening and closing the valve as required by the user. Electric actuated butterfly valve allows for maximum control of flow configuration and accurate adjustment of pressure, temperature and velocity while operating. The butterfly-shaped disc on the inside of the motorized butterfly valve is designed to create a tight seal with minimal friction and wear, allowing for smoother operation and increased longevity. Actuated butterfly valve are also advantageous due to their easy installation into existing pipelines, making them a cost-effective solution for many industries that require precise control over fluid flow rates. Furthermore, automated butterfly valve compact design makes them ideal for use in areas where space is restricted or limited. These features make electric butterfly valves suitable for a wide range of applications. butterfly valve actuator are a suitable solution for a variety of applications!


What is the control voltage of the electric valves?

The control voltage of the electric actuated butterfly valve typically varies depending on the type and size of the butterfly valve. Generally, most valves are designed to be operated at AC DC220V/50-60Hz, AC DC 24V, AC380V,AC480V,AC440V.or other special voltage. It is important to check the ratings of your particular model to make sure you are using the correct voltage for your application. Always consult a qualified professional in this regard to ensure you are operating within safe limits.

electric butterfly valve

What are the factory tests of electric valve?

Electric butterfly valves typically undergo a variety of factory tests before being released for sale. These tests are designed to ensure that the valve will operate as expected and meet all applicable industry standards. The tests may include pressure testing, leakage testing, flow rate testing and electro-mechanical testing. All of these tests help guarantee the quality of the product, ensuring that customers receive a reliable valve that will perform well in their application.

What is the delivery time of electric valves?

The delivery time of electric actuated butterfly valve can vary depending on the type, size and model. Generally, most standard electrical valve models have a delivery time of around 1 to 3 weeks. This includes the manufacture time and transit time. If you require a more specific delivery timeframe for your particular application then it is best to consult with our for their availability times.