butterfly valve advantages

Wafer concentric butterfly valve features a cartridge type seat, streamlined disc and strong stem-to-disc connection for easy use in many industrial applications such as food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemical, mining, water treatment, power plants, etc.

1: ISO5211 top flange together with stem square suitable for direct mounting of actuators
2: Stem anti-blowout design keep safety in field use
3: Dirtscraper prevents moisture penetrating into the shaft area
4:Multi-standard alignment holes suitable for various standard of flanges of EN1092 PN10, PN16, ASME B16.5 CLASS150, JIS B2239 10K, 16K, BS 10 Table D, Table E
5: Suitable for high pressure and full vacuum service due to the use of a cartridge seatdesign
6: No exposed pins or bolts for stem-to-disc connection
7: No need for flange gaskets
8: No risk of damage to the valve during installation in closed position
9: Bubble-tight shut of at full pressure rating
10: Large flow capacity and enough strength because of streamline disc design
11: Plug with O-ring sealing eliminates any leakage from the stem