butterfly valve

Introduction to butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are a type of control valve used in various industrial and commercial applications. They are designed to be […]

butterfly valve

Powder Silo Butterfly Valve

Powder silo butterfly valve is mainly used in powder industry, lithium battery industry, cement industry, etc. Wear-resistant, long life, reliable […]

butterfly valve advantages

butterfly valve advantages

Wafer concentric butterfly valve features a cartridge type seat, streamlined disc and strong stem-to-disc connection for easy use in many […]

butterfly valve bolt chart

butterfly valve bolt chart

DIN flange and bolt DN In PN10 PN16 OD PCD Bolt and length thickness OD PCD Bolt and length thickness […]

pvc butterfly valve

Electric PVC Plastic Butterfly Valve

Product Description Model NO.: POE Connection Form: wafer Seal Form: Force Sealed Work Pressure: Pressure (Pn<1.6mpa) Material of Seal Surface: […]

PTFE butterfly valve

Butterfly Valve Seat Seal Selection

Material Temperature Use Description NBR -23℃ ~ 82℃ Shot time-23℃ ~120℃ Buna-NBR:(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber ) has good tensile strength and […]

flanged butterfly valve

Butterfly valve weight

The weight of the butterfly valve is related to the butterfly valve form and material. DN INCH Weight kg Weight  […]

Butterfly Valve CE Certificate

Butterfly Valve CE Certificate

POV VALVE obtains butterfly valve CE certificate, POV VALVE professional butterfly valve manufacturer.Free Consultation. Advanced & Experienced. China Professional Corp. […]

butterfly valve ISO9001

butterfly valve ISO9001 certificate

POV VAVLE obtains ISO9001 certificate, POV VALVE professional soft seal butterfly valve manufacturer,export to more than 80 countries, more than […]

butterfly valve application

butterfly valve application

Application of butterfly valve according to medium, diameter, pressure, temperature, industry application Media classification: water, steam, oil, acids, alkalis, alcohols, […]

lug butterfly valve

butterfly valve design

Design:GB/T12238-2008、AP I609、BS 5155 BS3952、JIS B2032、JIS B2064 Flange: EN 1092 PN 6/PN10/PN16 ASME Class 150 AS 4087 PN10/ PN16 JIS 5K/10K […]

Butterfly valve manufacturer

Butterfly valve torque

Butterfly valve torque data The torque of the butterfly valve is related to: working pressure, working medium, lubrication Media:Oil lubricating […]

pneumatic butterfly valve ptfe

butterfly valve chain wheel operator

The wafer butterfly valve can be driven by handles, turbines, sprocket wheels, electric butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve, and […]