butterfly valve

Sanitary valves

Sanitary valves standard technical parameters Sanitary valves Valve body Nominal diameter: Φ20-Φ102 Body material: 304, 316, 316L Connection method: quick-release […]

butterfly valve

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

The operating torque of the triple eccentric butterfly valve is calculated based on normal temperature and cleaning medium. For high […]

butterfly valve

Sanitary butterfly valve

1.    Product overview Sanitary butterfly valve through precise inspection process and strict quality management, valve inside and outside polished […]

ขาย butterfly valve

Flanged Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

General information: POV VALVES’s  Flanged triple offset valve provides zero leakage through no-rubbing 90-degree rotation across a wide range of […]

butterfly valve

Damper butterfly valves

Damper butterfly valves are a important part of any air circulation system. Superior to simple fan control systems of old, […]

Metal-seated butterfly valves


Shanghai Pov Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of soft seat, metal seat and fire-safe high performance butterfly valves, […]

butterfly valve

Manual of butterfly valves

This operating manual is designed to help users to make the correct installation and maintenance of the butterfly valve, to […]